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Unable to start debugging on the web server. The web server is not configured correctly

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I was migrating a website at work from .Net 1.1 to a .Net 2.0 WAP (Web Application Project). All was going great until I started to debug the application to find the source of an error our users were experiencing. That is when I got the dreaded ‘Unable to start debugging on the web server’ error.

Now this site is set up within IIS on my local development box (XP) like the rest of my sites so I know it wasn’t a configuration error in IIS. I probably spent a good half hour to an hour trying to figure out why the heck I was getting this message and then it hit me, DUH! The webconfig has a compilation tag that has a debug attribute and since I had copied production ready code to my development machine I needed to set this to true. Once I did this I could happily debug away!

compilation defaultLanguage="vb" debug="true"

Remember to mark this as false when putting your application into production!!

I have encountered this error again and this time the solution was to make sure that the proper ASP.NET version was chosen for the website. In my case it was set to run under the 2.0* framework when it actuality it was a 1.1 app. Once I set it to run under the 1.1 framework debugging worked as expected.

Update x2:
Well I encountered this error again today, this time the solution for me was to make sure Anonymous Authentication was unchecked within IIS.

I hope this helps someone who has a lack of mental power without the proper amount of caffeine!


Written by lordfu

February 22, 2010 at 7:19 pm

Posted in ASP.Net, Development

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