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Slackware – Update Core Packages

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I use slackpkg to apply security fixes and important patches, it it is a tool found in /extra on the Slackware CDs. The official description of it is as an Automated Tool for Management of Slackware Linux Packages. From the slackpkg website

“Slackpkg is a tool for installing or upgrading packages through a network. You can make a minimal installation of Slackware Linux and then install additional packages from a Slackware mirror”

You don’t need to setup NFS or make dozens of CDs for all of your computers. Just type “slackpkg” and all packages in the Official Slackware Linux will be in your hands.

First you need to edit Edit your /etc/slackpkg/mirrors and uncomment one of those lines or include your own mirror. Only FTP and HTTP mirrors are supported at the moment.

Second, run the below update statement, it will download the latest package list from a Slackware mirror (or your CD). So run this before attempting to upgrade, install or search for packages. Slackpkg will download some important files and update all package *lists* (no actual packages will be updated during this part).
# slackpkg update

Another useful one is below, check-updates looks to see if there is any update to ChangeLog.txt This is very useful when ran from a cronjob.
# slackpkg check-updates

The final command is to apply all security fixes or patches. You will be presented with an ncurses based menu from which you can select and deselect the applications you wish to upgrade or patch.
# slackpkg upgrade patches

That’s all there is to keeping official packages up-to-date. If you have 3rd party packages installed, it’s up to you how to keep them up-to-date.

Hope that helps!


Written by lordfu

May 28, 2010 at 11:45 pm

Posted in Linux, Slackware

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