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Slackware 13 – Upgrade to Current

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I am currently using Slackware 13.37 – Stable and I also use as my Window Manager  KDE 4.5.5 which came with this version of Slackware. I use slackpkg to manage my installed packages because I am a Slacker.

Today I decided to upgrade to Current which includes KDE 4.8.2, the 3.2.13 kernel and many other new packages. Here is how I did it.

As root

Comment out any mirrors used under Stable and then uncomment the mirror you wish to 
use under Current.
1. nano /etc/slackpkg/mirrors

2. slackpkg update

3. slackpkg install-new

4. slackpkg upgrade-all

5. slackpkg clean-system

6. reboot

Written by lordfu

June 19, 2012 at 8:20 pm

2 Responses

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