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SQL Server 2005 – No Management Studio

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This happens to me all the time. The order usually goes along the lines of.

1. Install Windows
2. Get updates including .Net framework
3. Install Visual Studio
4. Install SQL Server
x. Check for SSMS and it is not there.

What happens is at some point SQL Server Express or some_other_installation causes SQL Server 2005 to not install the Client Components. Even re-running the installation and selecting Client Tools will not get them installed.

There are two ways that I know of to get them installed.
1. Install SQL Server 2005 before all updates and installing Visual Studio.

2. Run it in maintenance mode. To do this go to “Add or Remove Programs”, find the entry for “SQL Server 2005”, select it and hit the Change button. Under the section for “SQL Server 2005 Common Components” you’ll see an entry for “Workstation Components”, select it and hit the next button. Keep following the dialogs until you come to one called “Change or Remove Instance”, be sure to select “Change Installed Components”. The Feature Selection dialog will appear. Expand the “Client Components” node, select “Management Tools” and click next. Follow the remaining dialogs. After setup runs you should find “SQL Server Management Studio” in the Start menu.

Written by lordfu

July 4, 2012 at 1:57 pm

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