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Browsing, DNS and duplicate IPs Oh My!

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I recently upgraded to current and also more recently have built a new Windows server to use for work and development with my Slackware box being a virtual desktop running on a Windows 7 host . The last few weeks since I built my new server and upgraded my desktop to current have been a mixture of either being away for work or being without power for a little over 6 days due to massive Midwest storms. Both of these have left me without a chance to really configure everything fully to my liking.

So the last couple days I have been home and able to spend more time on my desktop and I noticed something any application which required network access was painful to work with. Everyone of them would ‘sputter’, sometimes work great for a few minutes and then freeze for a few then work great again etc but my host had no networking problems at all. I ran ping tests and noticed the same thing there, so I began troubleshooting and did the following
1. Check resolv.conf for valid nameservers
2. Disabled loading of IPV6 module.
3. Disabled IPV6 in Moz
4. Checked interface settings, then it hit me.

What’s the interface settings look like on my new Windows Server? Whammo, duplicate IP addresses. Once I adjusted the IP address on the server everything began working perfectly. This was an easily avoidable configuration error and took a couple hours to fix because I was certain it was due to the Upgrade to current or this being a weird issue with 64b Slack and so time was wasted researching that instead which I never should have assumed.

Hope this helps!


Written by lordfu

July 15, 2012 at 10:32 am

Posted in Linux, Other, Slackware, Windows

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