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I am currently using version 4.28.r838376 of VirtualBox from Oracle. Today was spring cleaning on my main desktop. I updated loads of drivers, updated my bios for my Asus P8Z68 V-Pro motherboard, fixed registry errors, uninstalled programs, the whole shebang really. Everything went awesome, that is until I decided to start a virtual machine.

I tried starting a Slackware Linux guest I have and promptly received the error message VD:VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED. FIrst thing I thought was “I hope I have a backup, cause this looks like disk failure”. I then decided to boot a Windows guest I have to see if it was in the same shape. It gave a different message but one that directly referenced VTX and a CPU.

This made the light bulb in my head turn on! Knowing that I had updated my BIOS I wondered if I forgot to reset everything. So I rebooted, hopped into the BIOS and looked at Intel Virtualization Technology and it was disabled. Once this was turned back on all of my virtual machines are working fine again.

Hope this helps.


Written by lordfu

June 30, 2013 at 1:26 am